How to start your PAM journey?

With 80% of today’s cyberattacks involving privileged accounts, what can your organization do to protect your accounts before it’s too late? ID North has the answer with the market’s best Privileged Access Management solution.

The scope and consequences of cyber threats have increased

As digitization continues to expand, the scope and consequences of cyber threats have dramatically escalated. Statistics indicate that over 80% of today's cyberattacks target privileged accounts, such as administrator accounts. These accounts are often not the actual target of the attack but serve as a necessary means for intruders to reach the real objective of the attack. This objective may include stealing critical information, extortion through ransomware, or sabotaging essential assets to disrupt operations.

80% of today's cyberattacks involve privileged accounts. This awareness underscores that safeguarding critical assets is not only a technical necessity but now a crucial business priority.
ID North
These terms are all related to various forms of cyberattacks and social engineering techniques used by malicious actors to compromise individuals or organizations.

Here's a brief explanation of terms related to cyberattacks:


Phishing is a type of cyberattack in which attackers impersonate a trustworthy entity, such as a reputable company or organization, in an attempt to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal data. Phishing attacks often involve deceptive emails, websites, or messages.


Short for "voice phishing," is a form of social engineering in which attackers use phone calls to impersonate a legitimate entity or person to manipulate victims into revealing sensitive information or performing certain actions. This can involve impersonating a bank representative, tech support, or other authority figures.


Smishing, or "SMS phishing," is a type of phishing attack that uses text messages or SMS (Short Message Service) to trick individuals into clicking on malicious links or providing sensitive information through a fraudulent text message. The goal is to exploit trust in text messages and mobile devices to compromise the recipient.


A highly targeted form of phishing that focuses on specific high-profile individuals or executives within an organization. The term "whaling" is derived from the idea that these attackers are "hunting" for the "big fish" in an organization. Whaling attacks often aim to trick executives into revealing sensitive company information.


A cyberattack that involves manipulating the Domain Name System (DNS) to redirect users to malicious websites without their knowledge or consent. It's a more sophisticated attack compared to traditional phishing because it doesn't rely on tricking users into clicking links but rather redirects their legitimate requests to fraudulent websites.

How do you currently manage your organization's privileged accounts and access to sensitive systems?

Access to sensitive applications, servers, and systems often occurs without MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Passwords are sent in plaintext between employees to quickly access systems.

Administrator accounts are shared by an unknown number of employees without any traceability.

Passwords are stored in notepads and reused across multiple systems.

Backdoors in the form of unknown administrator accounts are created without controls and exist throughout various IT systems

Inadequate methods and practices in the management of privileged accounts and access are not uncommon, but they expose the organization to significant risks that can have catastrophic consequences if intruders can exploit them to achieve their objectives.
ID North
With a PAM solution from CyberArk and ID North, we can eliminate these issues and establish a robust defense against the growing threat landscape targeting organizations' privileged accounts.

How do you proceed?

Prevent intrusions with a centralized system.

Limit access to critical accounts. Gain full visibility into user activities. Utilize SSO and MFA for privileged access. Record and log privileged sessions.

Automate password management and eliminate password sharing.

CyberArk PAM takes care of everything when it comes to password changes and management, eliminating the need for end users to even know the passwords.

Meet compliance and audit requirements.

With the help of PAM, requirements such as traceability and least privilege access models can be easily achieved and demonstrated through comprehensive reports.

Detect and mitigate risky behavior among privileged accounts.

Detect newly created administrator accounts. Receive alerts if accounts are used in risky ways. Gain insight into your privileged accounts like never before.

Don't wait until it's too late. Be proactive and protect your organization's most valuable accounts and data with the help of CyberArk PAM and ID Nort

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